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Ultrabasic Lab Unit

The Ultra Basic Lab-Unit is a cost-effective, easy to use and safe system for production of nanofibrous membranes by electrospinning. It is composed by:

- High Voltage Power Supply;

- Static Flat Plate Collector;

- Syringe Pump;

- Adjustable Stand Support and Needle Holder.


The Ultra Basic Lab-Unit is primarily designed for laboratories or research centers which wish to take their first steps into the electrospinning world with a very basic system but safe, reliable and professional at the same time.

The system is housed in a transparent theca made of anodized aluminium and polycarbonate. Special care is taken in the choice of materials. The work surface as well as all the parts that compose every collectors type, are electrically inert, to prevent electrical discharges, and solvent-resistant material.

User’s safety is guaranteed by:

– Exhaust ventilation predisposition;

– Automatic safety switch for openings;

– Emergency stop push button.


An internal lamp makes the electrospinning process more visible.

On demand it is possible to conncet a climate system to perform Humidity and Temperature in the electrospinning machine.




Dimensions 700x700x1000 mm
Work volume 0,5 m3
Weight 120 kg
Frame material Anodized Aluminium
Work surface material POM
Panel material Polycarbonate
HMI Digital Display and light signals
Machine Control buttons and knobs
HV Power Supply 0 – 40 kV
Certification CE

Static Flate Plate Collector

Dimensions 250x250x3 mm
Grounded Yes
Optional Collectors on demand XY Moving Plate

Feeding System

Max Pumps number 2
Max Syringe number per pumps 1
Syringe Volume From 1ml to 30ml
Min flow rate 0,1 μl/hr (con siringa da 1ml)
Max flow rate 280 ml/hr (con siringa da 30ml)
Motor Stepper
Accuracy ± < 0.5%
Riproducibility ±  0.1%

Exhaust Ventilation System required

Max air flow rate 120 m3/hr
Min air flow rate 60 m3/hr
Hole diameter 125 mm


Download Ultrabasic Lab Unit Documentation


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